Your Trusted Background Screening Partner

A QUICK LIST of searches you can perform:

  • Deed Office Searches
  • ID Verification
  • Citizen & Passport Verification
  • VISA Verification
  • Permanent Residence
  • Screen History
  • Marital Trace
  • Criminal Checks
  • Property Searches
  • Bulk Searching
  • Judgements
  • Company Searches
  • Death Certificates
  • Credit Checks
  • Employment History
  • Vehicle and Driver's Licences Report
  • Qualification Verifications
  • Contact & Residential Checks


CIPC Records

Obtain the details of an individual or company provided by CIPC. We also offer the ability to request a copy of various CIPC documents of a juristic entity.

Vehicle information and reports

Get access to verify that the VIN, Year, Make, Model, Variant (along with many other vehicle features) on the vehicle matches the vehicles original specifications and features from the factory.

Vendor and data risk management reports

J-Cred generates transparency in your supply chain to avoid fraud, waste and disruptions. Vendor monitoring of data changes to identify risk changes, Conduct in depth and discreet investigations into
companies, individuals and markets.

Global access to information

J-Cred take live data from a wide range of authoritative sources, combine it and present it clearly, enabling access to data on companies from across the globe.

Property information

Use our various property searches to determine value, owner information as well as geo location. Request SG Diagrams from the various offices located across South Africa.

Credit risk reports

Credit Check any Company. Avoid any risk when engaging with new suppliers.

Customised intelligence reports

J-Cred’s intelligence Solutions help you find the right targets, negotiate on a more level playing field and reduce the scope for corrupt and unsustainable activity. Examples of reports being:

B-BBEE scorecard database

Access SA’s most comprehensive public database of B-BBEE certificates.

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To address the why, a solution is required to centralise all segregated sources of information enabling the business to have every unit working in synergy. Workflows and processes are then able to be defined, creating opportunity for automation, ease of access and user friendliness.

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